Schedule your payment with SmartHub

MiEnergy members have more flexibility when making online payments. SmartHub launched the Schedule Payments feature last year. It allows members to schedule one or more payments in advance on their billing account. Choosing the date to have a payment made has been a frequently asked question. Members who log into SmartHub have three choices when paying a bill online: pay it today, pay it on the due date or select any date prior to the due date. Members can even plan ahead and choose a specific dollar amount to be applied to the account up to 90 days in advance of a due date.

Merger joins two cooperatives

Rushford, MN (9 a.m. December 8, 2016)— Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TEC), of Rushford, Minn., will officially merge with Hawkeye REC, of Cresco, Iowa, to become MiEnergy Cooperative on January 1, 2017.

The new name and its spelling reference the joining of a Minnesota (M) cooperative and an Iowa (i) cooperative. The name, pronounced with a long I, also demonstrates the ownership by individual members – MiEnergy is “my energy cooperative”.